Maritime Supply Specialists (Ship Chandlers)


The VAG maritime services division is a leading ship supplier and trading house serving merchant navy, ship managers , agents, offshore and defense sectors. Our sprawling global network enables us to cater and service any type of vessels in most major ports around the globe.
We are maritime supply specialists conveying general ship supplies, provisions, and leading technical maritime brands.

Why choose us

We’ve built strong relationships with traders and suppliers around the world. So, we are your best bet to transport a comprehensive range of products and services, timely and efficiently.
Our materials are appropriately sourced from local and international markets, so you are assured of a broader choice of quality and price.
Our solid vendor partnerships affords us high leverage in material procurement and logistics, and we pass these economic benefit to our clients.
No customer is too big or too small for us. We provide wholesale, commercial and retail services to any type of vessel including liners, cruisers, ferries, yachts and offshore platforms.
Our service is customized to the client’s requirement. Whether your requirement is luxury brands, or cost-effective products. Whether your shipment is time -sensitive or a postdated delivery, our service is flexible to your needs, but our quality remains uncompromised.

We supply all types of vessels with:

  • Groceries
  • General Ship Supplies
  • Bonded stores
  • Consumables
  • Spare parts
  • Fire, Rescue and Safety products
  • Marine equipment
  • Technical services
  • Maintenance


Our produce ensures that you are not completely out at sea! We provide a bounteous range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to vessels and marine catering companies.Our food partners are handpicked from local and International vendors, assuring clients of variety and freshness. Food safety remains our prime concern.

Cleaning supplies

We provide specialized cleaning solutions of all leading brands for nautical maintenance. Our high pressure cleaning and maintenance supplies are designed for rough sea conditions and are salt water proof. Our cleaning selection also includes laundry systems and certified fire, rescue and safety equipment and gear.

Technical Maintenance

VAG conducts on-board technical maintenance to keep your vessel ship-shape.
Our certified technicians carries out refrigeration and HVAC services and all associated repairs on-board. In addition we provide Fire, Rescue and Safety services .

Spare Parts

VAG is a leading supplier of nautical spare parts.
We source and supply spare parts for marine equipment of all leading brands, and
quality alternative brands . Our equipment comply with the highest European standards.

VAG shipping follows stringent quality measures at every stage of procuring, warehousing, distribution and delivery, so the quality of the product is unsurpassed. Our management system, distribution hubs and logistic platform,is certified by International standards for quality, environment,food safety and work safety.