VAG Shipping Port Agency

VAG Shipping is able to service our clients vessels at any one of the ports where we operate through our network. This allows clients to alter their plans as necessary in the knowledge that our Agency team will divert the services required to any one of the ports nominated.

As a leading agent in the region we have adapted to the Principals’ needs of effecting all their requirements within the specified time frame and operate 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This has only been made possible by the commitment to quality of service by our dedicated team, which we consider our most important asset.

Projects and heavy transports

Heavy transport, lifting and hoisting, building bridges, creating connections. Within Wave Shipping and its partners most unique projects consist of thinking and combining. The best equipment only acquires value when it is used intelligently. Heavy transport is precision work, even when you’re dealing with constructions that weigh several tones.

Supply of stores and/or spares

Management of commercial and administrative documents to ensure smooth supply of stores and/or spare parts.

Crew changes

With our vast expertise and our network of travel agencies and logistic suppliers we can ensure, in almost all ports in of our covered area, a smooth crew change.

Shipping software

Our software has been specifically developed for agency services, which allows the administrative procedures to be monitored and streamlined in accordance with our quality management system.