Fuel Supply Services


VAG shipping-fuel supply services

Discerning customers who value the convenience of a reliable single fuel supplier, trust VAG shipping .
As a global fuel distributor, VAG is a full service fuel supply solution for high grade petroleum, renewable fuel, bio fuel, and specialty liquid drilling products. Our turnkey service extends from the pipeline to the gas tank.As a trusted fuel provider, we are committed to maintaining uncompromised quality, distributing the highest-quality products to fuel stations, truck stops, fleets & refineries.

We have developed strong global partnerships with ocean, road and rail shipping to streamline the energy supply operations from purchase to delivery. We design customized strategy for your energy procurement at every level of supply and management- purchase, operation, finance, equipment maintenance, and delivery.

Our customers recognize the convenience expected from a single fuel supplier –

• Competitive fuel prices,
• Price risk management,
• Logistic support,
• Quality control
• Supply optimization.
• Delivery management
• Advanced fleet
• Infrastructure
• Supply & distribution

And our clients will validate, that we have surpassed our expectations every time!
As a national leader in the energy supply chain, VAG is a trusted partner providing aviation, marine and land fuel services.

Aviation fuel supply

With worldwide service locations, VAG owns the capability and expertise to supply aviation fuel and related services throughout the aeronautics sector. We serve a broad range of customers in this sector including major commercial fleet, corporate airlines, cargo carriers, regional carriers, government organizations, military fleet, and private aircraft. Our aviation energy solutions also feature fuel management and risk management

Marine fuel supply

VAG is a proven leader in the maritime energy logistics, serving wholesale, retail, and commercial customers in the marine industry. Our core competency in this field guarantees quality assurance, operational reliability, and competitive marine fuel prices. Our team of marine operational specialists have significant and technical maritime experience with deep local market knowledge.

Reliable land fuel supply

VAG provides full spectrum Land Fuel Market Expertise and Logistics Solutions.
We supply land fuel for ground transportation and related industries to domestic and International clients . Our products include reliable transportation fuels,refined petroleum products, and alternative fuels, In addition, our value added service includes local market expertise ,fuel services and fuel logistics solutions.
VAG reduces your fuel distribution hurdles by ensuring rapid delivery and competitive prices at every transaction.
Our Global Strength , robust infrastructure and proven expertise helps you navigate and simplify the complex dynamics of energy supply and logistics.